Artist statement


As a small child I started drawing and painting and I never stopped since then. From 2012 to 2016 I studied on the Art academy HKU in Utrecht. During this period I developed my own vision and view on how I see the world which is reflecting now in my art works.

Nature has always been my fascination. With nature I mean the real untouched nature that men has not yet invaded, nature as it was before we were there. I am constantly looking for these worlds. This natural world is outside our field of vision, we have not entered it yet. They are often still and timeless, as a kind of underlying basis for life, it is always present, but not always visible. 
Every year I take some trips into the nature with my tent, to get closer and to reconnect with it. For me connecting with nature is one of the most important things. During these trips I go to caves, waterfalls, high into the mountains and deep into the forests. I go alone, so I can open myself for it and listen. These experiences gives me inspiration for my artworks.  I try to capture the mysterious energy that I felt during these trips.

What is invisible is not immediately absent. We just can’t see it.

My work distances itself from visible reality. Because of this distance you can see everything in it, everyone can give their own interpretation to it. In my work there is the subconscious, the longing for nature, our general origin and the foundation of existence.
I create the works from the subconscious, they arise automatically without having to figure out in advance what it will look like. I respond to the forms that arise on the canvas and that arise from the strokes that I paint on the canvas. From there the work grows naturally. I am guided by my subconscious mind by reacting emotionally to the forms that arise.

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